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October 9 Market Day

Join the Wakefield Farmers Market, Saturday, October 9, from 9am to 1pm, with everything you’ll need to fill your fridge with lots of local deliciousness. The market will be full of freshly picked fruits, veggies, locally raised meats, out of this world fish, cheese, and specialty foods.

There’s only 4 markets left of our summer season, and the harvest is in full swing.

As always, have hula hoops, sidewalk chalk, and jump ropes on hand for kids of all ages. Thanks to the Wakefield Co-operative Bank for sponsoring our kids events this year.

The Magic of Yarrow and his awesome balloon sculpture.

Stop by the Market Manager tent, show you support for the market, and place your order for your very own Wakefield Farmers Market tee! A $25 donation gets you one of our awesome new 100% cotton tees that you can wear proudly, and fashionably too. We will also have handmade crafts and raffles for sale that benefit the WFM!

Communitas joins us, sharing information about their wonderful organization supporting community members with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The Arts Collaborative of Wakefield will be here with local artists and information about their Square Works Art show on exhibit now at the, newly renovated, Albion Cultural Exchange.

Live Music Sponsored by the Wakefield Savings Bank returns next week with Bob Gram.

Produce: Brox Farm will have the most delicious cherry tomatoes and pita chips that put the supermarket brands to shame. Fay Mountain Farm will be here with an amazing selection of squash, peppers, greens and fruit. Farmer Dave’s will have lots of freshly harvested produce, along with the most gorgeous vegetable and flowering plants. Kelly’s Farm will have plenty of in-season produce of all kinds, including corn Microgreens & mushrooms are back with Neighbor’s Acre Farm, if you haven’t tried them, you are missing out. Flats Mentor Farm returns with their delicious Asian greens - the best onions around. Flats is a CASH ONLY vendor.

Pasture-raised Meats, Poultry, and Eggs: Lilac Hedge Farm will have all you need for locally raised meats, poultry, eggs and now, cheese! Fresh, local, yummy.

Seafood: Roberto’s Seafood will have plenty of fresh seafood on hand. You can even pre-order and have it ready for you at the market. Call Roberto’s Seafood for details. FMLobster will be here with lots of Jonah Crab.

Specialty Foods: Coutt’s Specialty Foods is back this week with all their best products. They will return on September 25. Habibi Gourmet Food (Mediterranean fare), has the very best authentic Egyptian and Lebanese food.

Baked Goods & Sweets: Goodies Homemade (the BEST Cookies). The Bread Shop and