2021 Vendor Application Info
and Materials

Thank you for your interest in the Wakefield Farmers Market! 


The 2021 season has few spaces still available for farms/specialty food/beverage/artisan vendors selling items that are NOT yet represented at the market.

To inquire about being a vendor, email wakefieldfarmersmarket@gmail.com with your webpage URL and/or product pictures, and a description of your product (s) or, if a farmer, a general list of crops, farming methods, and any specialty crops or products.

PLEASE NOTE: The focus of our market is VERY local. No chains, franchises, or big corporations are represented as vendors OR as sponsors. MAKE IT, BAKE IT, OR GROW IT is our motto for vendors. Also, vendors who earn, or plan to earn their living primarily through the business they bring to markets are given preference. Scroll down for artisan-specific information.

Once you have been invited to apply, you will be sent application instructions.

Once your application is approved, we will send an invoice and payment instructions.

You will also be asked to read and sign our 2021 WFM Rules and Regulations during COVID19 Emergency


*ALL PREPARED FOOD VENDORS and Farmers who also offer prepared foods:

You also need to apply for and receive a permit from the Wakefield MA Board of Health.

NOTE: Farmers selling only one or more of  the following do not need a BOH permit:


* Uncut fruits and vegetables, raw honey, maple syrup, farm fresh eggs.


* Bottled or canned beverages, both alcoholic and nonalcoholic, also do not need a permit from the BOH.


Please do not send an application to the BOH until you have been accepted as a WFM vendor.


To learn what will be needed to get a BOH permit and to apply, click HERE to go to the web page that our Board of Health created just for our Wakefield Farmers Market Vendors. You will find there everything you need to apply for our BOH permit. The Wakefield BOH does not charge a permit fee to market vendors.


Guidelines for Acceptance:

Farmers: Only working farms at which folks are making their main living and who have general liability business insurance are accepted.

Specialty Foods: While some of our vendors now have storefronts, new applicants who do not (yet) have a storefront are given preference.

Artisans: You must make your own product and it must be unique and of very high quality.

Here is a handy bullet list of our guidelines:

– The vendor must make, bake, or grow the product.

– The vendor must have business liability insurance for the company that makes the product.

– The vendor must offer a reasonable assortment of products within their main product offering.

– If a food product, it must be made from wholesome ingredients. Products made with manufactured protein powders, MLM distributed shakes, or ones making health improvement claims will not be accepted.

– If a food product, the vendor must obtain a permit from the Wakefield Board of Health.

– If a nonfood product, the product must be handmade, unique, and  take technical skill or knowledge to create.

–  You must be ready to go by 9:00 a.m. and stay set up for the full 4 hours each week that you attend.

– The fee for 2021 is $30 per Saturday plus a one-time Registration Fee of $50 for the full season, prorated based on number of days you are on the schedule.