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Heartfelt Thanks for an Incredible Season at the Wakefield Farmers Market

Dear Volunteers, Supporters, and Partners,

As we bid farewell to another remarkable season at the Wakefield Farmers Market, we are overwhelmed with gratitude for the collective effort, passion, and commitment that each of you brought to the table. It is with immense pleasure that we extend our heartfelt thanks to every individual and organization that contributed to making this season truly fantastic.

To Our Incredible Staff & Volunteers:

Barbara Worley

Brad Brennan

Cathryn Woods

Celia Misra

Debbie Gronback

Dianna Boothe

Erin Cook

Jadyn Carroll

Janice Williamson

Jessica Darling

Joanna Bruno

Kelli Stromski

Laurel LaRoche

Pamela Anderson

Paula Bucciero

Robin Greenberg

Sue Mitchell

Trish Bearse

Brian Gallivan

Heather Tribe

Anyone I left out - my apologies.

Your dedication and tireless efforts played a pivotal role in the success of the Wakefield Farmers Market. From setting up to ensuring a seamless experience for our vendors and visitors, each one of you contributed to the warm and inviting atmosphere that has become synonymous with our market.

To Our Valued Supporters:

  • WMGLD for going above and beyond to keep the electricity flowing, ensuring our market runs smoothly.

  • The Wakefield Food Pantry for their exceptionally generous sponsorship of our SNAP match program. Your support allowed us to put $10,000 worth of produce, fish, meat, dairy, and honey onto the plates of those in our community experiencing food insecurities.

Special Thanks to:

  • The Savings Bank for their generous sponsorship of our Live Music Program that added a rhythmic and joyful ambiance to our market, keeping us dancing week after week.

  • Wakefield DPW for your dedication to keeping Hall Park walkable and enjoyable for all.

  • The Town of Wakefield for graciously allowing us the use of the most beautiful spot for a farmers market in the State of Massachusetts.

Your contributions have gone beyond mere support; they have enriched the lives of our community members and strengthened the bond that makes Wakefield a truly special place.

To all of our wonderful customers, thank you for showing up in all sorts of weather each and every week to support local farmers and small businesses. You are an integral part of the chain that keeps the Wakefield Farmers Market going.

And finally, to all our vendors, whether you are there weekly or once a month, you make it spending 22 Saturdays a year together fun. You're kindness this season meant so much to me.

As we reflect on the season gone by, we carry with us the memories of laughter, the aroma of fresh produce, and the sense of community that permeated every corner of the Wakefield Farmers Market. We look forward to future seasons filled with the same spirit of collaboration, generosity, and shared joy.

Thank you once again for being the driving force behind the success of the Wakefield Farmers Market. Your dedication has made a lasting impact, and we are truly grateful for your unwavering support. We will see you all in 2024, as we celebrate our 15th Year, it promises to be the best one ever.

Warmest regards,

AnnMarie Gallivan

Market Manager

Wakefield Farmers Market



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